I found a flat rock projecting into the sea at Ozran, Small Vagator Beach, Anjuna.  It was like a ramp for the waves to stage a catwalk.  Water had collected in little depressions in the rock.  I thought, it was a perfect canvas for an artistic intervention.  I decided to carve out a perfect bowl in the rock, about two meters in diameter.  The high tide would bring water into my bowl.  The oceans of the world have no boundaries.  They are true vehicles of universal brotherhood.  Life originated in the ocean.  History of human civilization is dissolved in it.  Currents of the ocean carry memories of voyages.  The sea water collected in my bowl will carry all that history and all those memories.  My work will precipitate history.  My bowl is a symbol of one world.  I decided to call it ‘The Earth Bowl’ or ‘Prithvi Kund’.