My installations are an artistic, psychological and socio-political enquiry into the terror attacks on Mumbai on 26/11/2008.  The terrorists, most of them, in their twenties, attacked Mumbai and killed 166 people and wounded 308.

I believe that the terrorists are like 'robots', not just robots, but robots with donkey heads; who are brain-washed and programmed by Satanic forces that hideaway safely.  Like a donkey can be programmed to carry a load from place 'A'

to place 'B', the terrorists are programmed to adorn guns and kill.  I made 10 donkey-head masks and enacted a choreographed dance performance on a beach in Goa.  My installation pictures and the video are a product of that performance.  I have also created a sculpture of a terrorist in fibreglass, which has the head of a donkey and the body

of a robot. If one has to describe the present world in two words, I would say that this is the era of ‘telecommunication and terrorism’.  Never in the history of mankind was communication so advanced and accessible and terrorism so organized.  The terrorists use telecommunication to achieve their goals.  Paradoxically terrorism can be considered as

a product of non-communication between religions, nations, groups and ideologies.  In my object (If words become bullets) I have used electronic circuit boards and bullets.